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Our skin booster injections in Plymouth are performed by our doctor-led clinicians who have undergone complete medical training. So, you can trust us to carry out treatments safely, as well as provide useful advice. Our skin injectables, including Jalupro, can improve the luminosity, hydration and firmness of your skin via microinjections of hyaluronic acid.

From various wrinkle treatments to our range of dermal fillers, we can work with you to identify a suitable treatment that will address any areas of your concern. Please contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive beauty services or arrange an initial consultation.


We know that every client that comes to see us will want to address different aspects of their skin. Therefore, we have several wrinkle treatments available to smooth away wrinkles and lines.

One of our clinicians can see you in a free consultation to help you identify your needs. Line and wrinkle treatments can range from simple topical care regimes to injectable boosters, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and various other injectable treatments that we can talk about in our initial meeting with you.

You can expect this treatment to cost £150 + £50 per additional area.


Jalupro, one of the latest treatments, is an effective, injectable skin-boosting cocktail. It is formed from a combination of hyaluronic and amino acids to freshen and plump areas, such as on the neck and hands.

Unlike a classic dermal filler, it does not ‘fill’. Rather, this treatment stimulates fibroblasts to make elastin and collagen, restoring youthfulness. Jalupro can treat:

• Wrinkles
• Dark circles
• Bags under the eyes
• Sun damage
• Fine lines
• Ageing
• Loss of tone
• Dryness
• Acne scarring
• Neck and hands


Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid (HA) are excellent for addressing age-related alterations in the quality and aesthetic appearance of skin. We can inject fillers into the skin to fill, plump, contour and shape certain areas. This acid already occurs naturally in our eyes, joints, skin and connective tissue.

The most essential feature of HA is that it is great at retaining water, and therefore keeps the skin hydrated. There are substantial quantities of hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix (ECM) of the skin.

The dream team in our fillers, adding a glow, structure and a smooth feel, forming a skin shield, include HA, collagen and elastin. Hyaluronic acid also helps wounds and tissue to heal. It behaves as a shock absorber and lubricant in synovial fluid and cartilage. Costs are dictated by the brand and amount of filler needed, the area of your body, and your chosen product.


• Embellish or restructure cheeks
• Reduce sagging
• Reduce volume loss caused by ageing
• Minimise wrinkles, facial and neck lines
• Embellish or amend the shape of your lips
• Improve elasticity and hydration of facial, neck, hand and neckline
•Minimise the look of skin depressions caused by injury or scarring

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