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Semi permanent make up is hassle free, time saving and performed with exceptional artistry, when carried out by skilful artists such as ours!

So, it is hardly surprising why many individuals opt for this type of beauty treatment. From the perfect full brows and flattering lip blush, to eye liner for wide awake eyes, day and night, come to us for fantastic results. Get in touch with us today to discuss our methods or to book an appointment.


Also known as cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation, it involves injecting tiny pigments into the skin’s dermal layers.

Our artists use professional techniques to create semi permanent eye liner, lip liner, lip blush, powder brows, Ombre brows and more.

These treatments are simple procedures that will give you a natural, made up appearance, without having to worry about upkeep.


You will not have to worry about unexpected results or careless work with us. As industry professionals, we ensure to discuss treatments thoroughly with our clients, so that they know what to expect. It is important to us to get a crystal clear idea of the results you wish to achieve, so that we can tailor our services to meet your exact requirements. This way, we can have confidence that you will be happy with the results.

We love what we do, and this shows in the quality of the work we produce. Each one of our artists work with care, taking into consideration every little detail. So, you can expect durable, stunning make up that will give you the confidence to face the world at anytime.


This beauty treatment makes it easy to look presentable anytime, whether at work, out and about or for an occasion. Consider how great it would be to wake up with beautiful brows, defined eyes and shapely lips, without spending any time in front of a mirror. You can wave goodbye to sacrificing a portion of your morning everyday to putting on makeup!

We have trained and experienced beauty technicians that can provide semi permanent make up that is soft, subtle and perfectly applied, with no mess or smudging, so you can present yourself the way you wish to, 24/7, without any fuss!

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