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Looking for a Luxury Facial in Plymouth?

Are you searching for skin therapists that offer stellar facial treatments for customers in Plymouth or the surrounding areas?

We can perform gold LED facials, a soothing treatment that is ideal for minimising fine lines, acne and wrinkles, as well as basic facials.

We use top-quality products produced from potent ingredients and innovative technologies which, combined with our professional methods, ensure optimal skin benefits and immediate results. Our team is driven to helping each one of our customers live their best life, comfortable in the skin they are in.


LED Phototherapy is the application of specific therapeutic light wavelengths which energise our cells to accelerate natural regeneration and repair processes without discomfort or downtime.

Scientifically proven results for ageing and acne to psoriasis and pain relief.

An essential skin health treatment too.







The Science Behind LED Light Therapy

The light waves activate the skins photoreceptors and allow the skin cells to absorb its energy. It works by treating skin issues from the inside out. It works deep in the layers of the skin to inhibit bacteria formation, stimulate collagen and reduce inflammation.

No skincare available can penetrate as deeply as light therapy, the treatment itself has no heat, the skin  naturally absorbs the light, similar to a plant absorbing light


• First we open up the pores by warming up the skin with hot/warm flannels, we then use a No.1 award winning device to cleanse the face.

• Moving on, we give your skin a deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and help to rejuvenate the skin.

• An oil full of vitamins is then massaged into the face, preparing you to undergo the LED light.

• When you’re under the light we will cater to your problem areas as well as pushing all of those vitamins from the oil into the skin.

• We finish our facial by massaging a high quality branded SPF moisturiser into the skin to help protect and hydrate.

The luxury facial is amazing for anyone suffering with;






Fine lines and wrinkles




Wound healing


All skin types

What Are The Benefits Of Facial Treatments?

There are many health and beauty benefits that you can expect when you opt for the luxurious experience of a facial. A regular facial is important for maintaining excellent skin health and leaves you looking as fresh as a daisy. Our facials can improve your skin in many ways, from preventing sagging and aiding skin elasticity, to minimising wrinkles, combatting acne and dry skin.

Even if you happen to be blessed with perfect skin, you will enjoy the relaxing effects, and benefit from a boost in circulation. The boost in circulation and blood flow will help the skin on your face to self-heal, as well as energise you. Moreover, our first-class treatments are available for a competitive price.

For more information on this amazing treatment message for more info have a browse through our website and go to the homepage to book a consultation.

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